埃森哲公司注册成立于爱尔兰,是一家全球领先的专业服务公司,在数字化、云计算与网络安全领域拥有全球领先的能力。凭借独特的业内经验与专业技能,以及翘楚全球的卓越技术中心和智能运营中心,我们为客户提供战略与咨询、互动营销、技术和智能运营等全方位服务,业务涵盖40多个行业,以及企业日常运营部门的各个职能。埃森哲是《财富》全球500强企业之一,目前拥有约50.6万名员工,服务于120多个国家的客户。我们秉承“科技融灵智,匠心承未来”的企业使命,致力于通过引领变革创造价值,为我们的客户、员工、股东、合作伙伴与整个社会创造美好未来。 埃森哲在大中华区开展业务30余年,拥有一支1.7万多人的员工队伍,分布于多个城市,包括北京、上海、大连、成都、广州、深圳、香港和台北等。作为可信赖的数字化转型卓越伙伴,我们正在更创新地参与商业和技术生态圈的建设,帮助中国企业和政府把握数字化力量,通过制定战略、优化流程、集成系统、部署云计算等实现转型,提升全球竞争力,从而立足中国、赢在全球。 详细信息,敬请访问埃森哲公司主页 – 
Work from homeWork from homeO preparo para o trabalho e para se conectar com os outros profissionais ao redor do mundo.A Accenture tem a consciência de que o cuidado com as pessoas deve ser permanente.
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Do Incredible Things

At the heart of every great change is a great human. If you have ideas, ingenuity and a passion for making a difference, come and be a part of our team.  We bring together leaders in strategy, industry experts, enterprise function practitioners, business intelligence professionals, cloud migration and management specialists, designers, data scientists, and many other skills to co-create each client’s unique path to change.  Take advantage of our global network of over 100 innovation hubs around the world, where we apply industry expertise, diverse skill sets and next-generation technology to each business challenge.  When you work with us, change becomes the most dynamic, powerful source of progress you have. Let’s create something incredible together.   Find your fit. Browse Careers at Accenture or  listings on Glassdoor.   Register for job alerts   Find out what its like to be part of Accenture  Follow the Accenture Careers Blog for career advice from recruiters and hiring managers, as well as learn from our people about how their driving change. 

Our Values

Our core values serve as the foundation for how we act and make decisions. We live them through individual behaviors.  Client Value Creation: Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant, and by consistently delivering value. One Global Network: Leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business. Respect for the Individual: Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment, and treating each person in a manner that reflects Accenture’s values. Best People: Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. Integrity: Being ethically unyielding and honest, and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. Stewardship: Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations, protecting the Accenture brand, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, developing our people, and helping improve communities and the global environment.

Our Approach

While every business challenge is unique, we believe that human ingenuity coupled with technology can find surprising solutions. From ideation and development to the launch and scale of a solution, we step in when and where clients need us most through our six-part Innovation Architecture. Accenture Research, Ventures, Labs, Studios, Innovation Centers, and Delivery Centers take you from research to results.

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