Interview Process

Our application and interview process differs from role to role, but the main ways we get to know you are through your online application, phone interviews, and in-person interviews. To check out a comprehensive list of interview preparation tips, visit our Interview Preparation pages on

Key information and tips:

- Our interview process is rooted in our Leadership Principles. These Principles define our culture and outline the behaviors that are key to thriving at Amazon.

- We use behavioral-based interviewing, which is based on discovering how you think and behave in various employment-related situations. This interview approach helps us better understand how you solve problems, challenge conventional thinking, and keep projects moving forward.

- The STAR method is a structured way of responding to behavioral-based interview questions that includes discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result. We recommend leveraging this format in your answers.

- Amazon is a data-driven company. When answering questions on an Amazon interview, we recommend highlighting how you used metrics or data to make decisions, inform your strategy, and assess the results of your efforts.

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  • photo: A member of the military at Amazon community.
  • photo: Sabrina, military spouse and customer service team lead for Amazon’s Virtual Customer Service.
  • photo: Doppler's community stairs offers a tiered seating experience to work and people watch.
  • photo: An associate solves the puzzle of making the most efficient use of a truck's cargo space.
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