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don't like the company culture

Management is good at trapping you when you got the offer. if you'd like to get promotion, social and networking are first prioritized, not how your work is performed.

Selbständiges Arbeiten

Sehr anspruchsvolle Arbeit. Förderung des selbständiges Arbeiten

Anstellung bei BMW China

Mit meiner Arbeitsstelle bei BMW China war ich sehr zufrieden und waere dort gerne weiterhin Beschaeftigt, wenn ich nicht nach Deutschland ausgewandert waere

A great company to work at, strong corportate culture, clear personal development route

All in all, the company has everything in clear process and every part considered for your career development and personal care. Compliance is highly important in daily work, professionalism and perfection is also expected in daily performance. Ability to work cross-department or cross-team is needed, it helps greatly when you are dealing with a complex project and cannot afford to wait for lengthy procedures. China site is especially fast-paced and it can be stressful with KPI in review. At the end of the day, you would feel proud for working there and feel you belong there.



A fast-paced workplace, where collaborative team effort is of utmost importance.

As an intern in Internal Communication in the PR Department, I took the role of handling and coordinating numerous requests from every department in BMW China. In addition, I was responsible of producing the daily news clipping to every department heads in the company. During my time there, I was handed an important project of migrating the company's intranet to a newer platform, where large amount of coordination and alignment are needed on a daily basis. I had to organise meetings, meet up with representatives of each department and provide them with the necessary training. The entire network upgrade was completed ahead of schedule.

Interesting place to intern at

Interesting place to intern at. Can't say I know a lot more than that. It's the headquarter of BMW in China, so mainly a marketing/PR place for the company, not the factory.

High intensity workload, productive, very aggressive business culture

The experience with BMW taught me how to do strategic market planning and analyze. I was involved in many of the national branding campaigns and launch events, I did very good implementation in many fancy events. Really inspired me a lot.

one of the best working place

working in different type of project, mainly in python , java , javascript, html, csc and php. learning a lot by realising some application, and it was just amazing to go out and see your work result.

BMW experience

I always wanted to know from inside how a huge international corporation, with more than 100 years of experience, works. I'm happy and lucky to get an internship at BBA.


Learn a lot of new things

Fun Experience

I did an internship with Brilliance BMW in China after college. It was an eye opening experience and I'm glad I was able to take part in it. The work was interesting and fun.

Intern at BMW

Worked as an Intern at BMW Automotive plant, located in Shenyang (China). A very good learning experience, along with various opportunities of personal development.

Good work life balance

It's good as a first internship in life yet not suitable for those having bigger dreams and greater ambitions. Daily administrative work is boring yet colleagues are good.

Entspannte Atmosphäre

Es war eine sehr entspannte Atmosphäre und alle waren sehr unterstützend bei Problem oder Fragen.


Gute Arbeitserfahrung


Keine Bezahlung da durch Schule so festgelegt

Challenging & Competitive

The workload there was so heavy for me. But I have learned so many useful skills there. Everyone is so professional and industrious. Every day's work is challenging.

Productive and warm company

In my opinion, BMW is a warm and productive company. In this company, I could achieve my working potential as much as I can although I was only an intern. My leader and colleagues were always willing to help me a lot, including how to perform well in my working life and how to balance the work and life. In addition, the atmosphere of BMW was very warm and friendly, everyone can work under a relaxed environment. Last but not the least, this company had an attractive wages and benefits.


Free shuttle bus


An interesting work environment, they have some challenges with cross border empowerment and defining roles and responsibilities between HQ and the country management. Overall good experience.


Good atmosphere


Roles and Responsibility division with HQ

Good place to work

This was a good company to work for was a fast pace too place to grow and was always fun.I always enjoyed the co-workers I worked with and for. The pay was good as well enjoyable to work for this company

Witnessed the growth of BMW in China

I worked in BMW Brilliance Automotive, which is the joint venture company between BMW and Brilliance (a local auto maker), and I joint BBA when BMW just entered into China market. The situation by that time was very challenging. On one hand, the joint venture partners relations were highly complicated; on the other, China auto market was at its embryo, the national auto industry policy was still in discussion. NDRC had strict regulations on foreign auto makers while at the same time, intended to have foreign auto makers help them sort out a suitable industry regulatory. My role as GR specialist enabled me to witness how national policy can influence a business entity.

It was an excellent place to work at

A typical day at work in China would be helping the department with communications with local government(Shenyang) and keep everyone in the organisations up to date with policy changes, and also showing organisations that come to visit BWM factory in China, my communication skills were certainly improved.


nice place to work in , good team, work life balanced. you will enjoy working in this company, big name, good product. earning is good, much flexibilities.


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满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.4 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.4 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.6 星

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