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Nice colleague and managers

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Working environment is nice as well as colleagues.

Good company to work for

Busy season can be bad, but overall a good company to work for. Not much opportunity to move internally which can lead to attrition in employees as not as many opportunities to grow.

High workload

Crazy-busy is the new normal. Whether you work full-time, have a flexible job, or are a freelancer, it can often feel like you’ll never catch up with everything you have to do.It’s essential to recognize when you’re entering a state of overload as early as possible. If you stay overworked for too long, you can quickly burn out on your job, leading to errors, missed deadlines, and even health consequences from stress. If any or all of the following applies to you, it’s probably time to reconsider some of your priorities.


The only limitation was self imposed l, due to lack of qualifications, but growth and opportunities were all presented. Just have to apply yourself in your work and communicate


Realised the place is quite political. If you are on good terms with the top ppl, you will go far and be booked on better jobs. Although, I would say you can learn a lot if you are willing.



Great team, Poor leadership

Too much ego from some of the leaders, its either their way or highway. The team and colleagues are cool people to work with and are very helping.

Positive in learning and personal growth opportunities

Overall, my experience with my previous company was marked by many opportunities for learning and personal growth. I appreciated the emphasis on teaching and on-the-job training, and felt that these programs helped me expand my skill set and become a better employee.However, I was disappointed with the salary and compensation package offered by the company. Despite my hard work and dedication, I felt that my pay was not commensurate with my level of experience or the market rate for my position. This made it difficult for me to feel motivated and invested in my job in the long term.Additionally, I encountered some challenges when seeking support for further education and qualifications. While there were some resources available, I often felt that the company prioritized other areas over continuing education and development. This made it difficult for me to pursue my goals and advance in my career.Overall, while I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow that my previous company offered, I do believe that improvements could be made in terms of compensation and support for qualification and development.


Great place to work management always willing to help and assist new recruits. Loads of trainings and elearnings to help get into the system quickly. Amazing place to work

Fun place and high reward environment

High performance and high reward environment. Supportive colleagues and leadership. Flexible working available at most times. Career growth prospects not always clear.

Great team and youll learn alot

While not big 4, the SD office gives you plenty of exposure to different clients both public and private. Smart group of managers and partners that care about development. If you can get over the not so nice public accounting hours you’ll do alot for your career here.


Hire and fire culture. Under market rate salary. Unsupportive managers, some of who micromanage. A lot of training but they also expect you to usually work overtime, normal hours is not “good enough”.

Profit-orientated environment

The firm is profit-orientated. it's a great learning opportunity for those who a little or no experience. I would not advise anyone to stay once they doe with their articles as there not much room for growth. The firm does not believe in promoting from within.

productive and fun

Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions openly during company-wide meetings and personal interviews with their managers. And while their ideas may not always be implemented, employees still have a voice.Positive work cultures also take out any vague or unclear communication practices. Every employee understands their tasks, knows who to go to for questions, and receives answers promptly.


ηταν μαυρη εργασια.εκμεταλευση ενω ειχε δουλεια ο ορκωτος.επικληση στο συναισθημα για τα οικονομικα και οταν ηθελα να γινει προσληψη μου εκανε τον κινεζο.αυτη η εταιρεια ζει σε εργασιακο μεσαιωνα

High Pressure work environment with reasonable compensation and a great place to gain valuable work experience

The work is intense and deadline driven. Expect to work on weekends. In-house and on-the-job training is prioritised and Professional qualification (and continuous education is required). The compensation is fair and reasonable for the size of the Firm.


Great place to gain practical accounting and audit experience


Difficult to maintain work life balance.

Very strussful environnement

Very stressful environment, no encouragement , always focused on the Rentability "Presser comme un citron" No motivation, Pressure from management,

No good

a typical day at work --- GRIND YOU TO DEATHwhat you learned --- NOT MUCHmanagement --- NO COMMENTworkplace culture --- VARIES BY OFFICEthe hardest part of the job --- PARTNERS NOT VERY BRIGHTthe most enjoyable part of the job --- WHEN YOU RESIGN

Salary and development

For me the salary is very low and after I asked about it my contract was not renewed. The development is very slow. Its not all the offices, its the JHB office that has these difficulties and its difficult to move to another office because the current director needs to approve that.


its good for training and when you have apply for a full time employment


working overtime without compensation

Good people

Good team spriit and good people to work with. Audit itself is just a bit dull after several years working on the same clients. The pay whilst training is poor, but you gain the qualification which opens doors to much higher paid roles. There are more office politics than usual.




Office politics

Its a place where you can learn a lot from different indistries and meet important people in different organisation

A typical day is an 8 hour work and during the peak period may work for 14 hours. I have learnt to manage my time and supervise an audit assignment from start to finish. Management is quite equipped knowledge wise and understand people they work with, however, sometimes inconsiderate as far as time is concerned. Encouraging junior staff to work on weekends which they feel is their private time to rest and connect with family is difficult. What I enjoy the most is being in charge of assignment and take on more responsibility.

pathetic place

overtime learned good audit techniques mngmnt is pathetic and frequent fights with managers and trainees culture is pathetic overtime frequent secondments often






满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.3 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.3 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.4 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.3 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.4 星
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