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EF English First, is a division of Education First the largest privately owned education company in the world. We are hiring individuals who wish to work in China, Indonesia or Russia as English teachers. Full training and support is provided and no teaching experience is required. You don’t even need to be able to speak the local language. We have vacancies across our 300 schools, so if you prefer the fast paced city life like Shanghai, or want to be immersed in a more traditional culture of a smaller city, we probably have the position for you. We have vacancies all year round, so apply now to find out more about how we can help you have the experience of a life time.



Hangzhou, Zhejiang 的 International Teacher 职位
An ok place to start, pre-pandemic anyway

I started at EF Hangzhou in 2019 just before the pandemic and left in 2021 when my contract finished. Overall not a bad experience for myself, but I think this was simply because they liked me (I read prior to accepting my contract that it can be more of a popularity contest, and that wasn’t entirely false). For sure not a bad place to start if you have no teaching experience, but not the kind of place you’ll benefit from long term if you’re serious about a teaching career. Pros: - Great support logistically (finding housing, bank transfers, etc) -Great staff, depending on location -Resources are easy to understand and navigate -Plenty of materials for in-class activities -Good continuous training (Free Cambridge certifications such as TKT and CELTA) -Teaching hours bonus system (Hangzhou) Cons: -Insane work hours during peak periods (Summer 2020 we worked 6-day weeks for 6 weeks with extra classes on top of our regular classes) -VERY low pay compared to what’s offered in China (could have changed since I’ve left, but I was earning roughly ¥5000 less per month than my next job) -Work/life balance can be difficult. Because you don’t have a traditional weekend, it can be difficult to meet people you don’t work with. -Holidays: Plenty of personal leave days, but they don’t make up for the amount of holiday days you would have elsewhere. You have to give a relatively large notice when taking personal leave. -VERY corporate: not the kind of place you should start if you are looking to begin a legitimate teaching career or already have teaching experience.

Suzhou, China 的 ESL Teacher 职位
Great place to get a start in ESL

I worked within the Suzhou, China branch at EF and I have to say it was the best thing I've done. If you're serious about teaching they offer a lot of training and workshops to improve. Specific to China, getting a legal visa can be difficult, but EF has a long standing there and they rarely have any issues working through legality. Two things of note: 1) Your experience can change largely depending on who is in management. 2) Other schools generally can pay more once you're situated in the country.

深圳市 的 English Teacher 职位
Fun and fantastic life experience

Brilliant opportunity to earn while travelling. Plenty of resources and support for first time ESL teacher and first time in China. Work and office culture is quite laid back.

Chongqing, China 的 Lead Teacher 职位
There are really great people on the academic side, but the sales side does not care about employees

I came to EF in China in 2019, at the time it was great, really supportive, great training and professional development. Now because of government restrictions in China, the company is struggling financially and it is very clear to all staff. Everything has become about sales, not academic quality. They have increased the workload and decreased pay. After I was promised a monthly bonus to stay on and sign a new contract, they withdrew that promise. Workload constantly increases and the company culture is very "shut up and suck it up." Local staff will not say anything or give any pushback. Foreign staff are outnumbered and left out of all decisions. I rate it low for job security. There are not a lot of opportunities for promotions. They promoted four or five academic directors last summer who have since been demoted again due to lack of money.

Hangzhou and Ningbo 的 Lead Teacher 职位
Starts very well and becomes very difficult

In my first year in EF it was lovely, a fair work load, support and good people, I had an amazing boss then that really respected us and protected us from the higher-ups. However as you become more experienced naturally they expect more, which is understandable but, it fast becomes too much. Six classes every day, sometimes six + activities and demo classes. They provide materials which is the excuse for low pay and forgetting teachers need to plan classes but the material is minimal, the classes as given are not very engaging and you need time to rework them. You are given classes with little warning, all the time it’s like they don’t respect we need to plan things and it’s very stressful. On top of it all things change almost every week as the compsny in China seems to be struggling. More work, no pay raise, less teachers, more students, less and less respect and consideration. I heard one manger tell another “teachers are resources” in defence that they would transfer us to another city or sack us. I had times I cried in the bathroom from just being lied to, disrespected and overloaded. Good people in regards to colleagues, and before they left I did have this one amazing boss, but I wouldn’t do it.



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