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    Jacob Torén
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南京市 的 Expert Teacher 职位
Great people, mostly great work
I was teaching adults. You teach a reasonable five 1-hour classes a day, 5 days a week (though the 5 days is shifted from the standard - you will work weekends). The times are nonstandard also, starting and finishing later than business hours on weekdays to accommodate students' work times.The work environment is generally friendly and collaborative, with pretty chill managers, but you do have to train your skills up and justify your position come the bi-annual performance review (with examples of your work), which gets old fast.It got a bit difficult during CoVID, with a restructure disrupting things (centres combining, losing non-teaching staff), and a new-teacher shortage, but it should be smoothing out by now.Teaching adults, you can establish quite good rapport with the regular students, and they are always very hapy to see you. It's quite gratifying to win over the quieter ones too.And you get to experience a new city and country, immersed in the culture. Don't put off travel too much like I did.
Nanning, Guangxi, China 的 Foreign Teacher 职位
120% profit focussed, few care about education.
Was top pay now average. Academic department are often viewed as problematic (because we care about education as a priority). The other departments focus totally on profit and regularly compromise educational standards in pursuit of an extra RMB.On the plus side, they are loyal and will stick with their staff, (although on these wages they need to be).
Shenzhen, China 的 Senior Teacher 职位
Good for your first time abroad
Teaching at EF is great for your first year. They hold you hand through the entire visa process and first month within the new country. You get introduced to tons of people and make a great network. The pay is not great, in China you make 13,000rmb starting, while most schools pay 18,000+rmb starting. After your first year, if you want to continue teaching abroad, leave EF and join a real school. But for the first year it's great
Shanghai, China 的 ESL Teacher 职位
Opportunities for advancement in a short amount of time
You have no control over your schedule. It's not too hard to get promoted and you are evaluated every six months. They offer certification opportunities such as CerTESOL. They hire a diverse range of people, so it will help you become more culturally experienced. You follow their curriculum, so it gives you time to develop your teaching style.
绍兴市 的 EFL Teacher 职位
Solid place of work for first year teachers in China
While pay is not the highest for foreigners in China, you get a sense of security in the fact it's a well established company. My own EF provides social events and great care for it foreigners occasionally. Although the company as a whole is franchised and therefore their may be variation with other branches. Overall the teaching style is easy to learn and the class sizes are pretty good.


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