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flexible working system greatly mobilized enthusiasm of employees

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you can feel the trust and respect when you worked for the company; employees can arrange their working hours flexibly; inclusive culture allows employees maximize their initiative in the work.

Nice experience

You will be assigned to lead a small project independently to be completed within two months. I've really learned a lot and grow quickly during that period of time. I think it's a valuable experience.

Work with professional. Work hard, play hard.

Every people focus on their target And trying best to deliver the task, even more, every body like to give a hand to other member for the final success. I still feel respectful when every time I remember this jurney

A good company

9:00am goto the company and begin coding. 12:00pm-13:00pm have a launch and rest. Go back home before 6:00pm. I learned the whole process of software development. This experience also practice my coding ability.

Great company to work for

GE Healthcare is a great company, you can learn and improve yourself a lot by working with many smart people there. Its culture encourages you to challenge yourself and pursuit your dream on career development. It also respects anyone's effort to improve internal processes to make the work more efficient.



Good working culture

Good working culture, good environment, excellent colleagues to work with, excellent six sigma training and project experience. Nothing else to say lol lol

it is a company that we can learn a lot from

GE is a great company and it has a lot of sophisticated process. People there are professional and hard working. I like the GE's engineers most because they are very experienced and helpful.

Good stay

Enjoying showsites with my manager.Have different meetings each week to communicate with sales from all over the country. Also, meeting with customers from hospital was fun.

Good team building and good relationships between work members

Have some actives for team building every year. And we always help other work members when they have some difficult troubles. GE gives us lots of chances to improve ourselves.

an excellent company, if you like the American-taiwanes style

It's my first job ,and the only reason I stop my CS degrees and join the healthcare because Jack Welch. We are hand picked from top 10 universities of China and 8 elite from over 1000 candidates . but really it's working on the reels of the Taiwan Style and maybe mistaken to be the American style.


good brand, mature structure


not a good place to start your career.

Strong team work and collaboration

I work as regulatory affairs in GEHC for 10 years, GEHC establishes best practices in the area of pre- and post-market regulations, submissions and new product development, I am so pround as a member of GEHC QARA team. We have good mechanism to flow down new regulations more efficiently through T-Con, emails and training classes, all the team members could work at the same benchmark. Regarding a specific project such as CFDA registration in China, we will get the technical support from global teams in US, EU or Japan, work with local teams to prepare all the documents for submission, challenging jobs with fun, I could learn a lot after a tough work is completed. I work in GE China based in Beijing, a brand new Technology Park with fantastic facilities, comfortable and convenient, we all love our office. GE's culture is unique, I am influenced and indulged in the continuous changing environment in GE.


Flexiable working time, comfort working environment and GE Culture


Challenging, tough and high pressure

Fairly messed up business

My timing was off on this one . . .so many quality issues hit the business . . .it was a sinking ship. Colleagues and management were good people, I'm not sure there was much they could do.


Very Global


Constant restructuring, unstable

Good company with nice benefit

There are so many things to learn. I'm very excited to work here.And I also enjoy staying with my coworkers and they are always so friendly.


generous benefit


work overtime

Cooperative team

Enjoyed working with the teammates and learned a lot of practical skills in accounting

Controlled EMC quality to compliance regulation by EMC design as an EMC expert

1 EMC design for new products and supporting product EMC test plan and troubleshooting and resolution of EMC related issues2 Reviewed and approved all ECR/ECO related to EMC3 Supported Installed Base of EMC related issues4 Engaging in all phases of new product introduction: concept, architecture, documentation, design, prototype, test, supplier interfaces, manufacturing introduction and service support5 Ensuring reliability, performance and delivery through supplier relationships6 Completed all planned Quality & Compliance training within the defined deadlines7 Identified and reported any quality or compliance concerns and take immediate corrective action as required8 Kept up-to-date on knowledge and understanding of current regulatory requirements within area of responsibility to ensure laboratory accreditations are maintained9 Effectively supported implementation & training of current regulatory requirements within area of responsibility


wonderful culture and perfect design procedure


push hardly to finish work


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满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.7 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.8 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.3 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.4 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.6 星

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