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a great company

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There is a very good work life balance here at Intel. Job is interesting and salary is also good with flexible working hours. People are very helpful and supportive. Manager is good for team members.

great place to work with great people. Respect for individual plus work life balance

flexible working time work and life balance work with smart people effective meetings vs. keep improving processes perfect work environment with free coffee and snacks

good place to work

enjoyed the period of working in Intel learn a lot workplace culture: work hard, play hard always have new challenges, but really fun vendor mangement

Good company culture for engineers

At Intel, building a better world is our business. Our mission is to utilize the power of Moore's Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth while serving as a role model for how companies should operate. We power amazing experiences through a diverse product line and exciting partnerships. Our strategy is a virtuous cycle of innovation—the cloud and the data center, the Internet of Things, memory and FPGAs all bound together by the goal of greater connectivity and enhanced performance. Our global team, over 107,000 strong across 58 countries, is a powerhouse of engineering and technological excellence that empowers solutions to the world's toughest problems while creating the technology of tomorrow.


Provide abundant training


Long Overtime for IT system Admin in system downtime

productive and multicultural workplace

The working time is relatively elastic and relaxed. Employees here is easy to communicate with and people especially interns can learn a lot form the work. Most of people are passioned and they are willing to help new employee to learn new things and skills. In everyday life, communicating with international employees are normal and essential. I like the working environment here and enjoyed the multi-culture.


free refreshment



Great work and life balance, comfortable work environment and culture

I really enjoyed my internship in Intel. In Intel, my instructor helped me a lot, and gave me a lot of practical advice. After finished my internship, many of my colleagues offered to help me find internship in the future.


great working environment


paid little

Fine, work very happy there.

I love that environment. The Intel China Research Center (ICRC) in Beijing is part of Intel's worldwide research center for processor technology and emerging applications for the IA-32 and Intel® Itanium® processors and platforms. Research activities in ICRC extend to three corporate long-term research areas: Microprocessor technology, communications technology, and systems technology.

Advance United States corporation

I have been working in Intel for a temporary role which is allocated in Public relations department. The manager provide training sessions for me, during the working period. I deal with internal employees conflicts and internal communications between Greater Asian and North American. I am responsibility for formal communication among different department as well. Attending global meetings. The challenges is should know how to finish the mission, at the same time, help company reduce the expenses. Eg, We should negotiate with local government about publications fee contracts. How can educe the prices as well as get good brand Image, etc. The company culture make me feel enjoyable, we have relaxed working atmosphere.


Advance Mnagament system, good culture


long working hours

Great place to work as an intern

It is my first time to work at a Fortune500(in China), but gave an opportunity to build the concept of how a large corporate works internally. I learned a lot from my team and manager.

Very friendly and supportive environment

My co-workers were very nice, every one wanted to help each other, we always had lunch together. Management level were very supportive and helpful, we had a very good friend relationship.

Inspiring and fun place

My internship in Intel was my first internship and really impressed me a lot. My decision to learn further and work in UX field is also based on this internship experience. I collaborated with Pocket Avatar team in developing a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms and participated in user research and usability evaluation. I designed seventeen audio effects, tested twenty-three avatars' facial animations and produced three videos for product promotion and team building. In other words, I practiced almost every aspect of knowledge I learned before at Intel. And then I found my huge excitement and interest about UX and interaction design. There were several interns and most of them are with major in Computer science or Information technology. I began to realize that coding and programming is still fundamental for UX so I started to learn some codes by myself like JaveScript.


inspiring, teamwork, with pay


relatively serious work place

Comfortable work place with an endurance of high efficiency work habit

In a giant company, you can feel the code of conduct and principle anywhere, providing a serious work habit which is good. The working environment is friendly and comfortable, you can have your own lunch in pantry and they offers fruit and snacks everyday. During resting times, colleagues enjoy talking with each other and feel relax. While in working time, they collaborate with each other with high respect and great productivity. There are tons of things to do everyday, the difficult part is to manage your time so that you can finish them on time.

Good place to work

Good place to work, professional and excellent people around


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满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.9 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 4.1 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.9 星

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