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    Paul Knopp
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  • 公司规模
    大于 10,000
  • 公司盈利
    13 亿至 68 亿(新元)
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    345 Park Avenue, New York, NY
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上海市 的 Assistant Manager 职位
NO Work Life balance
No work life balance, that's all.Good: learn a lot from workBad: low salary; hard work; can't work/life balance at allNo OT at all, They would like to eat your hours
shanghai 的 Recruiter 职位
high- intensity enviroment
The resources are still very rich, usually, there will be a full range of training, often there will be a variety of experts to share, and there are many useful and expensive database access. Colleagues and bosses around are very nice, willing to help you, and often give you some feedback and practical experience. Maybe it’s the commonality of consulting. The culture of the team is very relaxed and open, there are not many OTs, and it is easy to find work-life balance (I finally know the reason for the low pay hhh), there are many team building activities, every one after work Hi together. One of my favourite things is that the workstations are fluid, so I go early every day just to get a good spot...As an intern, I feel like I'm valued at GSG. Everyone will treat you as a regular employee, and they will entrust you to do very core tasks, invite you to attend various conferences and events, take you to meet customers, go to client sites, participate in projects, and even go on business trips. And we will arrange a one-to-one buddy and PM for you, a special intern coordinator, and a secretary to help you with all the administrative work...
Chengdu 的 Intern, Assurance Department 职位
very nice indeed
KPMG, China is the best internship experience that I have ever had, they share the experience for me to explore new things and make me feel that the most important ethusiasm in the future which made me very happy
青岛市 的 Intern in Tax Department 职位
Very comfortable working environment.
This internship experience is very helpful for my future work. The colleagues were very friendly. The working environment is comfortable. The manager gave me a lot of help.
北京市 的 Audit Intern 职位
Productive but a little streeful work
Although I only worked there for almost two months, the large loads of work that I need to do is still like the thing happened yesterday. However, what is a relief is that all the colleagues are very nice. They always stay at your back and help you out of some troubles. To summarize, it is really a meaningful but challenging place for interns.




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