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We are the fifth-largest global food and beverage company, with a Vision To Be the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World. Our portfolio includes more than 200 iconic and emerging brands, from global Heinz, Kraft, and Planters to newer disruptive brands including DEVOUR and Primal Kitchen. But it doesn’t end there. Together with our partner Rise – 更多...  Against Hunger, we’re on a mission to fight global hunger by providing 1 billion meals globally to those in need by the year 2021. And we’re dedicated to the sustainable health of our people and our planet. We know you don’t become the Best Food Company without the best talent. So if you’re passionate about innovating new products, growing iconic brands, and being a good global citizen, we’re on the same page. Join us.  – 显示更少

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As part of their functional orientation, new Kraft Heinz trainees in Canada met the talented teams at our Ingleside and Mt. Royal factories. They toured our plants and learned about our unwavering commitment to quality and delighting our consumers.