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Nike is a great company

Normally start the day at 9:00 am and wrap up at 17:00 pm, but the working schedule is super flexible. The culture at Nike is great and everyone tries to help you onboard as quickly as possible.

Fun workplace

The environment overall is very friendly and relaxed. You can meet many people from different cultural backgrounds and most of them are very friendly.

Pretty Good

1. The job allows me to grow up fast.2. People around me are so nice and friendly to help3. Gain a lot of energy from my supervisor and director here

Fast paced but I really enjoy working there.

I work for NIKE is because I love sports and the brand. The most important thing for a salesman to sell a product is that you actually have a understanding of all of the products, so that you can recommend the product to specific customers. I have been using NIKE products for 15 years from footwear or apparels, so I am really familiar about NIKE. I enjoy to work here because I love to talk to people who also love sports, just like me, I can make friends there, although it is fast paced, I enjoy it and want to fulfill my career here.



interesting and relax working environment

1/Know how to communicate with colleague. 2/Learn deeply about providing good service for customers. 3/Team is very significant for you. 4/Good communication skills will bring you good reputation and advantage. These are what I learned from this part-time job. I think that the hardest part of job is about go to the warehouse to find different kinds of shoes, they are the demands that customers want to try. It is tired and after the trying, I also need to put them back. The most enjoyable momnet is when I sold shoes and customers are satisfied, it will bring me a achievement feeling.

Hve experience

I've had sales experience and I'm familiar with sales methods. Familiar communication skills in English and Chinese can meet the requirements of British and Chinese customers. Academic tasks have been basically completed, and enough time and energy can be given to ensure the efficiency of the work.I have participated in many humanistic activities and has strong communication skills. Be passionate about trends and fashions, and keeping my passion for work at all times, so I can help customers appropriately.


Functions were well organized, the office was great, people in Nike were friendly and willing to help, you can dress casually in the office and everybody looked healthy and energetic.

Fun and energetic

Working in the event team is a very very interesting thing. You get to design a Nike program, like a marathon, a basketball event and so on. Young gather here to provide the best service and help the public to be healthy in the right way. Cool

First Job

it was my first job ever, i was quite nervous at the very first beginning, but the staffs and management were pretty nice, and i learned how to communicate with customers and check the stock number and record them.


Friendly working environment and new skills


Low salary

Review for the sales associate

Working as a sales associate at the Nike shoe store was basically doing communications with customers and recommending suitable products or helping them to pick their desired ones. Also, working as a cashier and sometimes doing a little bit of cleaning work. It was not an easy job, however, I did learn a lot such as how to deal with various customer issues and how to make appropriate and pleasant conversations with people including my colleges and superordinates.

Learn a lot

I have taken 6 months doing internship in Nike, in Event Market. My daily job is to plan proper outfits for various purpose to adapt different occasions and events. Also I have participated in Shanghai 2017 Marathon, and 2018 New products launch.

Nice place to work part-timely, space for growing

Lots of chances to grow, nice co-workers and good working environment. Learn many things like how to deal with different customers and how to deal with your co-workers.


It was a pretty fun job for me and this is my first sales job in the summer, ill meet lots customers to introduce their our products with promotion from nike.

Productive and fun

Fun environment with like-minded individuals. Learned a lot, to be responsible and to be respectful towards every culture and every one. Management is incredible, training was super interesting.


Discount on every product

Super fun workplace especially if you are into sports

Named by Fortune magazine as 100 Best Companies to Work For. The title speaks for itself already. The work environment was very free, yet everyone was disciplined and productive.

Help customer to get the fit shoes

Getting more experience how to sale and more knowledge of the Nike culture. The most fun part of this job is getting know Nike shoes better and the skill of selling the new stuff.

Young, Dynamic and Fast Moving

As business planning manager, the key responsibility is to build cadence and enhance planning capability through in-depth analysis on current practice, as well as cross-function alignment. Just Do It!


Company gym on campus, casual dressing, free/low priced samples, Healthy life style culture within company


Complex organization, sometimes very political

Full of Passion and Creative

Passion and Creative Always change to meet marketing demand High tech products

Fun workplace

My responsibilities include customer service, production selling and promotion, loss prevention and so on.

an amazing place

To be a sponge is my favorite maxim I learnt in Nike. I meet with different people, travel to different places,know different sports, everyday is different. So I need to be a sponge to learn and develop myself very quickly.






满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.9 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.8 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 4.1 星

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