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work and life balanced

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company recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our employees. As such, we have implemented policies and practices that promote a supportive and flexible work environment, allowing our employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.

good opportunity for learn professional skill

Samsung is good company which I got a lot of experience and knowledge from there. Especially my previous bosses are all professional and created opportunity for finance department.

Marketing Intern

Samsung Beijing helped me first experience what corporate culture would be like post-grad life. The people there and the culture were all wonderful, and working in a large company like Samsung gave me an understanding of how many different pieces come together to form a greater whole, and the importance of each part of the manufacturing and distribution process.

A good platform for learning skills

I have got on well with everyone of my team who love and willing to contribute to Samsung. However, most of the managers are from South Korea who don't know a lot about China and Chinese consumers so that the localization is queit a mess in China, though its products are really excellent.

big company with completely system

It is a good place to start being a professional. It provides great employment career development system. While the culture is a little conservative, you can not stay for a long time, you should challenge yourself.



productive big corporation, good place to learn

Productive big corporation, good place to learn. If you want to know how the big corporations succeed it is definitely a good company to work for. Plus it is international, good to work with colleges from different countries.

open area with all the boss and managers

This is a world famous Korean company. They added Korean Culture into the work field such as we have to bow to Korean manager every time when they pass by. They use Korean to chat loudly in the office areas. To be fair, the payment is ok and the benefits is fine. However, it's hard to directly copy the ways to run the company into China marking. The job is tired and stressful, no joys or happiness just like a typical Asian style.





It's a great company, definitely.

It's a great experience of participating the construction of LCD Fab line. Together with the senior engineers, I set up the analysis room of Yield Enhancement Department. To increase the yield, my major was doing defect analysis and sharing the reports with the stuff/ engineers of other departments to find out the way to terminate the defect trend. My leaders are very nice. The workplace culture is wonderful as well. But during the trial running of each new model, my job could be more difficult, because of the terrible yield. Anyway, I like this job. It's really exciting to meet different challenges every day.


Free luntches, excellent dormitory with low rental


Short Breaks

I like the working atmosphere in this company

proactively promote and drive sales of electronic products

relaxed work

people work in the company often more than 10 years,so you may ask why I work just 2 yrs in the company,because the promote is so slow,every 4 yrs have chance to be promote to a new position.

awesome experience. led me to decide my career in PR and Sports Marketing

Samsung is one of world-class company and they have strict hierarchy among positions. I was youngest member of group and non-experienced. I could learn a lot from other workers and got to know about the job culture.

special work experience

It is one of the biggest electronic company around the world. It produce many kinds of cell-phone every day to satisfy different people. It is a organized group. Every one knows exactly their jobs, tasks.

good company and good work experience

people there are very nice and you can learn many things through work, it is good for people to balance their life and work there.

It is a good place to work and people are really nice.

This is a good place and have nice person here. It is far from USA. Main job here is develop new TV and monitor models for Asian Europe and America. Management here is more like western style than 'Samsung' style if you know what I mean.

Big Company with advanced management

It's a great company with advanced management experience. Its benefit for employees is really good. Samsung also provide many training for its new comers, such as sale promotion, marketing and so on.

Place you can learn a lot

Test and play different kinds of products. Fun to work here. Meet friends coming from different places. Provide with a lot of opportunities for university students.

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많은 지식을 배움


출장이 많고 잔업이 너무 많음

i really like this job

the whole team was efficient the culture was really dynamic and nice the management is impeccable i learned how to become a good leader during this working experience

a good company

Co-workers were nice and smart. Work life balance was great when I worked at Rakuten. Benefit was just middle level, can not say good.

Fun and stable organization

Many missions to complete I learned management skill for 40 engineers, project management, technical sales skill and technical knowledge Co-workers: Normal charactoristics The hardes part: Many items to realize and too many customers to support The most enjoyable part: All colleagus followed me well, we had nice teamwork to achieve goals.


Good support (housing, meats)


Working too late everyday

Great culture and great benefit

ODD sales and marketing planning Make overall sales planning and strategy in the department Communicated with buyer and supplier Monitored credit payments Supervised production process Monitored shipping and inbound & outbound schedule Inventory control and management Performed document translation & meeting interpretation Organized documents and files


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满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.6 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.9 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.5 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.5 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.7 星

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