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Loved my coworkers, hated management.

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The hours suck, they HATE giving you time off, management sucks, work as hard as you like but a promotion is a rare occurrence. The pay sucks more than everything else combined. The most enjoyable thing was my coworkers. The vibe of the actual store is great but the people they hire to manage are always terrible.


It's cool, pay could be WAY more. Also wish the breaks were longer. Typical day of work may include being in the register, floating clothes back and forth, etc.

Productive and good place to work.

I wasn’t doing anything and had a friend tell me I could get a Job at Urban Outfitters, So I Applied for a Job, and they hired me, it was something different then I ever have done before,

Overworked and Underpaid

There’s no training at the management level so you’ll have to show yourself what to do. Pay is very low for what they expect you to do and put up with. Don’t expect to get promoted because most districts suck with internal promotions. Managers usually don’t take their 10 minute breaks because of how hectic it gets. They give you thousands of daily tasks and expect you to run the floor at the same time. They want you to pursue shoplifters and do whatever you can to get their merchandise back. They say they don’t want you to accuse people of shoplifting but expect you to do it anyway. Keyholders get saddled with all of the responsibility with very low pay. Long hours. Associates call out a lot and no call no show. Lots of times you won’t have the coverage to run the store properly, but they still expect you to run that place at peak performance. Sometimes they expect you to work in downright dangerous situations. Our a/c was broken for 2 months throughout the summer and it got to almost 100 degrees. Our bathroom were broken for two weeks with nowhere to relieve ourselves.

No pay

Tried the job put it wasnt for me. It definately didnt pay what i was told. The job didnt work but i didnt even get paid for the time i worked. So if you want to work for free go ahead and work for no pay and no benefits. Id mention they pay less than promised but then no psy is worse



Great people cool vibes easy job if you make it that way

Really this job is as easy as you make it. The most frustrating thing about this job are little minor things that can definitely be worked through if your vibe is right. The supervisors are all great but because of ratio of workers/supervisors there are times where shifts can get lazy which I don’t really blame our workers due to some mandatory overtime. Other than that really met some awesome co-workers here.

Great first job

Working at URBN is a great and fun time. It is really easy going and a positive environment. I love being a sales associate here the team I work with is very nice and easy to talk to.


fun, easy going, great environment, great employee discount

Don't Say "Union"

Someone said the word, "union." Suddenly, we had to attend a mandatory 5AM meeting. Everyone's scrutinized. Meanwhile, pay is awful and so is scheduling. Forget it.

Fun place to work

Good place to work with lots of fun parole who would always help if you needed it and always help and always would help but most of all would always help


Standard retail job. The best part is the employee discount. Other than that, it’s the usual. Closing shifts on a “perfect” close night can be the worst.

it was real. it was fun. but it wasn’t real fun

The workload of the management team is insane. Most everyday you are expected to have a project started and finished. Wether it is 2000+ markdowns, getting thru 80 boxes of shipment, or trying to interview and hire 15 new people. Things that can be done with a team to delegate to but that’s when we are actually given the hours 😵‍💫. The whole management team is run ragged and often aren’t on the same page due to trying to get everything done for the sake of the store. Trying to keep work as fun and stress free for everyone involved is impossible basically. Gossip and cliques are super prevalent because everyone is so young (and often privileged lol). Sometimes felt like running an after school program. These kids get ruthless. The store attracts the best of people and the worst. No between basically. The people you work with matter and it affects you overtime. The pay doesn’t even begin to cover or make up for the 💩 you put up with either. No matter how fun the clothes are, the benefits, and the VIBE nights; it will wear you down. You’ll find yourself being like “it was so much fun, at first.” Genuinely thankful for the things i’ve learned about self worth and where we are in the corporate machine. It was fun while it lasted.

Very fun place to work

Management was considerate and lovely, so were coworkers. Very busy but not stressful, day varied more after I worked there a while. No dresscode too!

Retail Sales Associate

The pay is low and management is terrible. There is no clear direction from management and you're often left on your own to figure situations regarding customers and sales.




Management, work hours

Don’t value you

So large and so many people they will have no idea who you are. Very strict almost feels like you’re always being monitored and judged. Easy enough though.

If you enjoy being on your feet for 8hrs till closing (9pm) and one 15 min break a day

Then this is the job for you. At my location our breaks were only 15 mins and it would be close to clock in time so like 4pm everyone would rotate from the floor unless you were a cashier associate. Working in a busy mall it’s hard to grab your food and eat within those 15 mins even if you mobile ordered. It was better off you already brought a packed lunch but it was difficult to relax while watching the clock countdown as you rushed to finish your meal before being walkied back on the floor. You’re on your feet the rest of the day. Not able to check the time go by because phone use is not allowed on the floor or you’ll look distracted for checking the time.. Some days I’d get off early around 5pm but that was probably like once a week and only on weekdays. Pay was very minimal I was barely able to afford the clothes there even with an employee discount because I was paying other bills and unable to work elsewhere due to the hours. Definitely not ideal for a livable wage. You’ll spend your whole paycheck in a week even if it’s groceries or gas. You won’t be able to support another job with the hours they schedule because they’re always understaffed. As a high school job for some side cash and lots of free time sure go for it! But there’s barely any work/life balance. The past management was fired from my location right after I left so that says a lot.

Good First Job

This is a good job for people who are looking to enter the retail industry. You can learn a lot and typically your coworkers are younger as well. Average pacing for advancement.

Lots of fun!

A great environment and management that cares. Doesn’t get too busy and breaks are required. Right around lots of eateries and Notre Dame. Customers are usually nice!

fun place to get inspiration

a typical day at work typically involved any combination of being stationed at the fitting room, front, cash register or walking around providing customer service to customers and fixing displays. i liked being able to wear what I wanted to work, and seeing all the new stuff arrive was always my favorite part

not too bad…cut hours ruined it

it’s cool and so are the people until hours are cut then it’s a problem. management is alright im sure it just depends on who you work with/which store you are at.

This company is exploitive.

They take advantage of you and work you to the bone. They show no appreciation for their workers and expect you to go above and beyond. They hire store managers who can’t even keep their employees happy and keep the standard of the store in good standing. They really are the epitome of a hellish workplace. If you got a job here, I strongly suggest you reconsider.

1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing they over work you. You don’t have time for your family. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You work a lot no time for family What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Different they value that white peoples and look down on others What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful


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满分为5 星,工作与生活 为 3.4 星
满分为5 星,薪酬/福利 为 3.1 星
满分为5 星,工作保障/升迁机会 为 3.0 星
满分为5 星,管理方式 为 3.2 星
满分为5 星,企业文化 为 3.7 星
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